Timereporting with cManager

The app cManager collects the entire process for time reporting in a convenient mobile interface. The supervisor can now easily keep updated and continuously attest time reports and see who has not reported. Along with cTimeSheet the cManager provides a powerful tool for a more efficient time reporting.

Effective time reporting is very much about good habits. Copernicus mobile solutions contribute to a more modern and simplified process for time reporting. The employee reports frequently via cTimeSheet and the supervisor monitors and attests continuously through cManager. With good habits keeps your working capital to a minimum.

With the app you get functions like attestation, management of flextime, reminders if any missing reports, support for replacement approver and many more features.

Our apps are designed for the mobile organization. You can report time when you are traveling between client meetings, as you sit at the customer and work or on the way home. It can also be used when you cannot access the mobile network, eg on the plane or train. When you then have access to the network again it completes the synchronization.

The app is available for smartphones and tablets, both Apple iOS and Android.

With a smooth, mobile time reporting you lay the foundation for good habits, improved working capital and higher billing rate.


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